Sunday, November 15, 2009

Digg Submission and Votes Services


What is Digg and How ca it helps you?
Digg's purpose is to create an environment free of marketers where users are allowed to comment on other user contributed content. Digg is a site where users share interesting news stories for others to comment on. The site's name is actually the action which users perform on a news story if they like it. Digging a news story will cause its popularity to go up by one whereas burying a news story will cause its popularity to drop by one. Ultimately, only the stories which have been dugg the most end up on the front page of Digg.

Posting affiliate links on Digg will get your account banned and marketing via your Diggs will get your content ignored, if not your account banned as well. The main reasons to use Digg as a marketer are to get high powered backlinks from Digg and to generate traffic. Most Digg users are people who are looking for cool stories to read. They aren't looking to buy anything or to be sold anything, they're not necessarily looking to learn anything, they're just looking for an interesting story to read and to potentially share with friends.

The first step towards driving massive amounts of traffic to your site with Digg is to submit a story with a captivating headline. Your story's headline is the first and potentially last thing your potential visitor ever sees of your news story, so it has to be good. Take a look at Digg's homepage and check out which stories have the most Digg.

I am here to sell these votes:-

  50 Digg=$25
100 Digg=$40
200 Digg=$75

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Press Release Submission Service


Press Release Submission + Press Release Writing Service

Press Release ( Product Release / News /Article) Submission is a Submission of your product /news /article to Press Release sites. This is a whole new technic to drive traffic and sales to your websites.


1 Order 125 Press Release Submission + Press Release Writing = 60$

2 Order 125 Press Release Submission + Press Release Writing = 90$

Turn around time 6-7 Working Days!!

Required details:-

(1)(a) Web Site (URL 1). :
(a) Anchortext :

(b) Web Site (URL 2). :
(b) Anchortext :

(c) Web Site (URL 3). :
(c) Anchortext :

(2) Author
(3) Category
(4) Company Name
(5) Full Contact Details (Street Address, Phone Number, Fax, Email, etc.)
(6) Keywords
(7) We need more info regarding in the press

  • Complete Report in Excel Sheet
  • Screen-Shot of Each Submission.
  • Payment will be upfront Via Paypal.
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Directory Submission


You must be aware about the benefits of Directories. To increase visibility online is the core of every online business marketing strategy. Driving traffic to your website and getting noticed by search engines takes a lot of time and effort. In other words,Directory Submission is the wonderful method for gaining One Way Backlinks.

We guarantee we do 100% manual Directory Submission.Did you know that Importance of that?
These one way links with correct choice of targeted keywords used as anchor texts will help to improve your site's page rank, search engine results page (SERP) for relevant keywords as well as increase your brand and site visibility on the internet and drive highly targeted traffic which to your site which can be converted into sales.

Here are few Packages :-

500 Directory Submission=$15

1000 Directory Submission=$25

2000 Directory Submission=$45

Turnaround time depend on order.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

High PR Do Follow Blog Commenting Service


We are here to serve our High PR Do follow Blog commenting service.
High PR Do-follow blog commenting is very fast emerging as an excellent way of securing high page rank back links without spending over the top rates on monthly or permanent back links.

All the comments are professionally written and have valuable feed backs,these back links will be permanent in nature and due to their placement on well-established blogs.

Everyone knows the importance of High PR Blog commenting...It will help to increase you traffic and as well as SERP.
We all are professional and our best !!

We guarantee that we do 101% Manual Professional Work......

Usually People Charge
PR1 = $1,
PR2 = $2,
PR3 = $4
PR4 = $6
PR5 = $9
PR6 = $12
PR7 = $15

But We are LOT Cheaper than this!

Here goes my Packages:-
1xPR6 + 1xPR5 + 3xPR4 + 3xPR3 + 5xPR2 + 5xPR1~$50

3xPR6 + 5xPR5 + 5xPR4 + 10xPR3 + 10xPR2 + 10xPR1~$150

5xPR6 + 10xPR5 + 10xPR4 + 20xPR3 + 15xPR2 + 15xPR1~$200

Special Discount Packages:-

2 x PR7 + 5 x PR6 + 20 x PR5 + 30 x PR4 + 30x PR3~$400

1xPR7+5xPR6+20xPR5= $150

Time Frame: 5-18 Days (First Come First Serve)

  • All Blog Posts are High Quality
  • Blog Posts Will be of Random Niche
  • There Traffic is Sky Rocking!
  • All comments will be Quality (Guaranteed)
  • Detailed Report Will Be Provided
  • Payment will upfront Via Paypal only.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Do Follow Blog commenting

Do Follow Blogs boost up your Site PageRank.

To make a successful blog and boost up PageRank you need back links from other blogs and websites. The popular and simple way to get huge back links is posting of the comments in the blogs which have the DoFollow attribute.

We have almost 14000+ different active blog list.All work will be done 100% manual.

I am just taking a limited number of orders for the upcoming month!

  • All Blog Posts will be Dofollow.
  • All Comments Will be Posted Manually!
  • All Blog Posts will have less than 15 Outbound Links
  • Outbound Links Counted via there Sidebar and Footer.
  • All Blog Posts will have less than 10 Comments when I will Post your Comment
  • A Screenshot of all Pages daily to insure you what I am typing and Posting in Comment
  • Daily Reports to your email.

10 DoFollow Blog Comments Daily
Daily Reports to Your Email!
10×5 = 50 Blog Comments
(All Unique Blog Posts from 50 Domains)
Price = $55

10 DoFollow Blog Comments Daily
Daily Reports to Your Email!
10×30 = 300 Blog Comments
(All Unique Blog Posts from 300 Domains)
Price = $275

30 DoFollow Blog Comments Daily
Daily Reports to Your Email!
30×30 = 900 Blog Comments
(All Unique Blog Posts from 900 Domains)
Price = $600


100% Support and Answer of All Your Queries.
  • Basically We Will Search doFollow blogs with our own Custom Search engine! And Will post Comments on them!
  • Thats why I wont guarantee any PR on any Post but usually we end up with a good rate of Approval and Google PR!
  • I Do not own any of the blogs!, Last Project we done holds 80% approval rate!
Contact Via Gmail:-

At your Service!

SEO Services

Hello Everyone,

Who we are...
SEO-Follow is a company with simple beliefs but global goals. We're a marketing company that believes in concrete steps, quality services and real results. Our vision is clear: work with the small details, but always keep the big picture in mind.
We are a full service SEO and internet marketing service provider that offers you effective search engine optimization and marketing campaigns to make your online presence favorite to major search engine and popular among visitors.

List of Services we offer:-
1.Do Follow Blog Commenting
2.High PR Do follow Blog Commenting
3.Directory Submission
4.Press Release Submission
5.Article Submission
6.Content Writing

I Lead a Team of 10 peoples.Every member is a professional in his field. My team has delivered 100% satisfaction always to all our clients.

Our company has maintained high level SEO services and rankings for many large scale corporations and firms. It has maintained its standard worldwide in terms of quality work. Our company always believes in clean and ethical link building. There is a dedicated team of people who are directed towards scrutinizing the links and presenting them on the website.
Let us help you power your online visibility.